This Forever [Together We Raised Some Hell]

Occupy Space presents

This forever [together we raised some hell]

12 - 28 November 2015

Unit 1 Chapel Court, Cathedral Place, Limerick City

Artists: Lorraine Dimond, John Yelverton Freeman, Kate McElroy, Glen McGuigan, Ciaran Nash, Fiona Reilly, Aoife Slattery, Isabella Walsh, Maliheh Zafarnezhad.

Preview: 7pm - 9pm on Thursday 12th November.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday12pm – 5pm. Admission is free. 

    Image Credit: John Yelverton Freeman "This Forever [together we raised some hell]", 2014, Video still.

“This Forever [together we raised some hell]” is a group exhibition that celebrates the diverse practices of artists and designers who have worked behind the scenes to deliver Occupy Space projects in recent years. Lorraine Dimond, John Yelverton Freeman, Kate McElroy, Glen McGuigan, Ciaran Nash, Aoife Slattery, Isabella Walsh and Maliheh Zafarnezhad are some of the team who have worked together on a voluntary basis to coordinate contemporary art exhibitions and events in slack spaces around the city. This is an opportunity to acknowledge their commitment and to demonstrate the scope of their individual practices. The broad range of disciplines that are represented include ceramics, printmaking, photography, video and mixed media installation.

The title “This Forever [together we raised some hell]” is borrowed from a video piece by John Yelverton Freeman. This short statement speaks to the shared experiences and challenges that have been encountered by the team; a phrase open to interpretation as a playful expression, an emphatic declaration or a sentimental valediction. Furthermore, it reflects the state of transition and flux that is synonymous with nomadic artist-led initiatives, undergoing constant metamorphosis in response to the conditions that drive them and the resources that sustain them.
Curator Noelle Collins has worked alongside the current Occupy Space team to develop the multiple narratives of this members exhibition while also extending an invitation to the artist Fiona Reilly to present her installation “Days of the Precarious Worker”, 2015. The artwork itself performs the role of an interlocutor; a voice from outside of the organisation that poses questions around the instability and unpredictability of work in paid and unpaid positions, both in the arts and other fields. This precarious existence, without predictability or financial security, is shared by artists and artist-run spaces alike.
This Forever [together we raised some hell] is a moment of appreciation for the work of the artist and we hope you will join us to launch the exhibition from 7pm on Thursday 12th November at No.1 Chapel Court, Cathedral Place, Limerick.