SUPERMARKET 2014 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

The fair that makes a difference.

SUPERMARKET will take you around the world in three days! The fair won the BUS
Award in 2013 and is a platform for the newest, most vital and innovative
international art. With over 80 exhibitors from 30 countries worldwide it is the largest
international art event in Scandinavia. SUPERMARKET 2014 is the ninth fair and will
be held at Kulturhuset (House of Culture) in Stockholm on the 14–16 of February.

Next year’s fair will be the only large international art fair during February in
Stockholm. Georgia, Syria, Tibet and Brazil are new countries to be represented.

The SUPERMARKET programme will be full of interesting events, including the
performance stage RED SPOT, the seminar series TALKS, and the networking
meetings programme SUPERMARKET MEETINGS. Since 2011 SUPERMARKET is
producing its own Art Magazine, distributed worldwide.

“As this is a site for artist-run galleries from all around the world, we want to
highlight diversity and the unique experiences represented” says one of the Project
Managers, Meggi Sandell. “It will be relevant, up-to-date and make a difference!”

WHEN AND WHERE? 14–16 February 2014 in Kulturhuset, floors 3 and 5.
Information about the theme, exhibitors, programme and sponsors will be published



Carla Burns’ research based multidisciplinary practice is rooted in an epistemological investigation into shared frameworks of meaning. How are we to understand and make sense of our lives?She uses the
uncertain status of art to consider the relationships between different species of knowledge:
the professional and the popular; intellectual and embodied; the fantastic, fictional, and factual.

Research of psychological text, theory, and practice has been creative hinge in her artwork.
As Eva Illouz puts it: 

[The] dual status of psychology as simultaneously professional and popular is what makes it so interesting for the student of contemporary culture; it offers an opportunity to understand how 
high and popular culture are saturated through and through by knowledge formations.1

For her degree show at Limerick School of Art and Design (a video installation entitled ‘Dream of Healing’), she researched the ideology and imagery of selfhelp and self- improvement, 
exploring how certain popular therapeutic systems are generated, received, and practised, and looked at the roles played by irony and sincerity when they are re-­‐ presented by the artist.
modified version of that installation is presented at Supermarket. Central to her process is considered negotiation of distance from the material under investigation. In order to avoid 
detachment or cynicism, she usually proceeds through personal participation in the processes she’s studying, using embodied engagement and performative elements to explore ideas 
through her own physicality and person.

Carla Burns (b. 1979) is an Irish artist currently based at Wickham Street Studios in Limerick. With background in clinical and research psychology,she works with material from range of sources, including personal histories, youtube science primers, self-­‐help bestsellers,and group
therapy processes. Increasingly working in collaboration with others, she makes video, 
animation, drawing, and performance. Recent exhibitions include ‘Act of Portrayal’, Limerick 
City Gallery of Art (2013); 'Horizon Sprawl', Ormston House, Limerick (2012); 'ALOHA, 
NAMASTE, SO MUCH LOVE', Basement Project Space, Cork (2012), and 'Distill Life', NUI 
Galway Science and Technology Festival (2011). In 2009 she conceived and produced 'What’s
On At the Movies?', cinema revival week for Limerick, screening eight films at six former 
cinema venues in the city. She has collaborated on Irish based projects ev+a, SpiritStore, 
Make and Do Society, Table of Contents, and Art in the Making Collective (all 2009-­2010). On graduating from Limerick School of Art Design in 2011 she was awarded the
inaugural LSAD/National Sculpture Factory graduate residency.

1 Illouz, E., Saving the Modern Soul: Therapy, Emotions, and the Culture of Self-Help, University of California Press, 2008, pg.7

Dream of Healing, Carla Burns, Installation & video piece, Supermarket Art Fair, 2014