An Exhibition by Lajeunesse Collective

Preview: Thursday 6th of March 7pm

Open: 7-29th March
Wed- Sat

Sara Amido and Clare Breen are Lajeunesse Collective.

When forming they made note of areas of common interest and overlapping strands of their individual practice. They found that they both had vested interest in the complexities of the representation of feelings and emotions. In order to understand and explore the complexity and sometimes simply cope with these feelings they organize, systematize, structure and process them. Their methodology is persistent and compulsive yet their research is intuitive and haphazard. Their approach is strictly systematic, however the way through which they arrive at this approach is spontaneous, rather impulsive.

Taking the syllabic structure of the haiku, single-word-feelings are translated using their dictionary definition into a whole lexicographic elucidation. In I Have a Lot of Feelings the legitimacy of this premise and its capacity to truly deliver the nuanced meaning of the feeling is questioned. The definition is so reductive and speculative that the viewer is in this way provoked to challenge it with his own empirical interpretation.

Gameshows are part of the fabric of pop culture. They are perfectly honed to create the optimum conditions for hysterical release of emotion, be it anticipation, rage or ecstasy, which can then be caught on camera. Participants knowingly engage with this format when the prizes outweigh the loss of self control (or, in some cases, the loss of self control is an added bonus). Lajeunesse present these haikus as prizes. 

The element of contradiction is ever present throughout the installation and the participative experience of the viewer. Beauty is calculated, subjectivity is objectivized, complexity is simplified, and meaning is emptied. The deconstruction of the feelings is undertaken in order for the meaning to be restored through consideration following participation. 

[21/01/14 23:30:58] Clare Breen: what is the haiku? It's the result of a process
[21/01/14 23:31:31] Clare Breen: that attempts to emulate a coincidental, chance moment of beauty in the everyday
[21/01/14 23:33:13] Clare Breen: they are wholly contrived, they are playful ruminations on the meaning of the language we use to describe our emotions
[21/01/14 23:34:49] Clare Breen: so we were thinking about emotions, and how we experience them and how our understanding of them is tied up in language
[21/01/14 23:34:56] Clare Breen:  i mean the language we use to express them influences our understanding of them
[21/01/14 23:35:50] Clare Breen: sorry, I should have written this in a different place.
[21/01/14 23:37:20] Clare Breen: are you gone :-/
[21/01/14 23:41:57] Sara Amido: no
[21/01/14 23:42:03] Sara Amido: i was following what you're saying
[21/01/14 23:42:10] Sara Amido: where do you want to get at?
[21/01/14 23:42:15] Clare Breen:  Maybe they're just a metaphor for that process of struggling to create meaning?
[21/01/14 23:42:35] Clare Breen: I want to make it clear in my head
[21/01/14 23:42:52] Clare Breen: cause i feel like we kindof extrapolated the idea, if that's the right word
[21/01/14 23:44:58] Clare Breen: Are we trying to repeat that incidental beauty from the first experience?
[21/01/14 23:45:12] Sara Amido: no
[21/01/14 23:45:26] Clare Breen: just reflecting on it
[21/01/14 23:45:26] Sara Amido: we're processing feelings
[21/01/14 23:45:28] Sara Amido: like meat
[21/01/14 23:45:35] Clare Breen: lol
[21/01/14 23:45:46] Clare Breen: until you end up with mcnuggets?
[21/01/14 23:45:50] Sara Amido: exactly
[21/01/14 23:46:13] Sara Amido: the mcnuggets are so unfulfilling
[21/01/14 23:46:17] Clare Breen: then the mcnuggets are a comparison
[21/01/14 23:46:19] Sara Amido: that people will be like
[21/01/14 23:46:42] Sara Amido: i mean, i hope people will thing
[21/01/14 23:46:44] Sara Amido: think
[21/01/14 23:47:07] Sara Amido: wow, how far is this from real meat!
[21/01/14 23:47:08] Clare Breen: That's not what love is! Love is.........this...
[21/01/14 23:47:16] Sara Amido: that's not what meat is
[21/01/14 23:47:19] Sara Amido: meat is..
[21/01/14 23:47:32] Clare Breen: ummmm.
[21/01/14 23:47:53] Sara Amido: this mcnugget leaves me hungry
[21/01/14 23:47:56] Clare Breen: Good. Love is meat.
[21/01/14 23:48:01] Clare Breen: jk
[21/01/14 23:48:16] Clare Breen: ok, good. My brain is all over the place.

Sara Amido and Clare Breen graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the National College of Art & Design (Dublin) in 2011. Since April 2012 they have been undertaking collaborative creative initiatives under the collective name Lajeunesse, and it is since that date they have been living apart: Sara in Germany and Portugal and Clare in Ireland. The Internet has been the dominating tool of overseas communication and art-making.

Opening of I Have a Lot of Feelings

Photographs taken by Isabella Walsh

I Have a Lot of Feelings, Lajeunesse Collective, Installation wooden set and plywood spinning wheel, Occupy Space 2014

Photographs taken by Orlaith Treacy