Pitch Your Project Limerick

Pitch your Project

Art Links Limerick

Thursday 24th November from 2 to 4pm at Occupy Space Limerick

The modern day artist is half creator half business commodity. Art Links Limerick will engage this idea of the contemporary artist by setting up a Pitch your Project Event. 

A.L.L. invites artists to pitch an art project or idea to the Magisters Panel. A.L.L. (Mary Conroy, Aoife Cox and Joanna) are qualified Magisters Artium and we offer our expertise in Art and Design. 

The Magisters panel is a once off art event that will give you feedback, advice and critique your project or idea. We are investing our interest in your project. 

The Magisters Panel is a performance based art piece which aims to help other artists and professionals but also engage in discussion about art and design.

This performance will be filmed and used in future projects by the Art Links Limerick collective. 

All projects and ideas remain the property of the artist who pitch them.

The Pitch: 
You have 5 minutes to pitch your project or your idea. 
You will receive ten minutes of feedback and suggestions from the Magisters. 

Successful Project Pitches will be offered the opportunity to further their project with the help of the Magisters. 

Please email artlinkslimerick@gmail.com with your name, contact info and the title of your project. We will then email you your pitch slot. Alternatively you can drop in on the day and avail of any free spots. 

Visit www.artlinkslimerick.blogspot.com or on Facebook / Pitch Your Project.