Un_Noted Professional Development Workshops

Annette Moloney, Budget and Local Authority Funding, Ormston House, Nov. 2012

Un_Noted Professional Development Workshops are a series of workshops aiming to provide the practical tools required to work as a professional artist in a competitive art environment.

Serving as a bridge between the culmination of fine art education and the professional art community as well as being a resource for those further along in their career, we began with a workshop by curator Kate Strain covering topics such as the various formats of an artist C.V. and creating an artist statement. The following workshops then progressed into discussing areas such as web presence, preparing submissions and applying for residencies.

These workshops seek to provide practical information about the opportunities and resources available to artists. They also provide opportunities to interact with a variety of individuals across the art community from established artists, curators and those involved in art education. The workshops offer a platform for discussion of the provision of professional development for artists and the changes that should be made in this respect.

Please email un.noted.occupy.space@gmail.com to find out more.
Project Managed by Aimée Lally, Alicia Lydon and Orlaith Treacy.

                                          Dobz O'Brien and Carla Burns, Residency Workshop, Belltable Arts Centre, Oct. 2012

Belltable Workshops

4th of October 2012:   Kate Strain presents "The Basics"

11th of October 2012: Ruth Crean presents "Growing an Online Identity as an Artist"
18th of October 2012: Dobz O'Brien and Carla Burns presents "Residencies"
25th of October 2012: Michele Horrigan presents "Submissions and Proposals"

Ormston House Workshops

9th of November 2012:     Annette Moloney presents "Budgeting and Local Authority Funding"

16th of November 2012:   Maeve Mulrennan presents "Arts Council Funding" 
23rd of November 2012:   Dr. Pippa Little presents "Post- Graduate Options"
30th of November 2012:  "Round-table Discussion on Art Education"