C A V E S - Anthony Murphy

Opening 7pm Thursday 1st Dec
Exhibition 2nd - 22nd Dec 2011

Plato's allegory of the cave describes prisoners, inhabiting the cave since
childhood, immobile, facing an interior wall. A large fire burns behind the prisoners,
and as people pass this fire their shadows are cast upon the cave's wall, and these
shadows of the activity being played out behind the prisoner become the only
version of reality that the prisoner knows.

C A V E S is an exhibition of three large scale works, each designed to immerse
the viewer, and then to confront the audience with a question regarding how far
they, as privileged viewers of the shadows and reflections being played out upon
the walls, are willing to allow themselves to believe what they know to be a false

The works are based on explorations of simple 2D shapes; regular polygons are
exploded to create fractured pattern, or layered upon one another until intricate
forms emerge, upon which the projections can begin to draw out a third dimension.


Stills from C A V E S



View from outside Occupy Space