Your Video Here

Your Video Here Screening 2011

Thursday 8th September 2011 at 7pm.

You are invited to the screening of Your Video Here Screening in Occupy Space Limerick City centre on Thursday 8th September 2011 at 7pm.

The short screening will be followed by a discussion and conversation between the selected artists, audience and selection panel.

You are also invited to attend the free Creative Commons workshop on the Friday 9th of September at 2pm in Occupy Space. This is a short introduction on how to attribute a Creative Commons license to your work. The workshop is open to discussion on Copyright and Creative Commons.

Your Video Here explores ‘Remix’ culture and the control and authorship of online and digital work. Remix culture utilizes the Internets ability to appropriate, share and edit content from multiple online and digital sources.

Traditional copyright laws protect authorship, yet it restricts many of the creative acts we use to communicate online today: downloading, sharing and editing digital files. YVH explores alternative copyright laws and their relevance to the modern digital age.

YVH brings together six artists to remix each other's submitted works online. YVH intends to create a dialogue about the ownership of creative works, and to initiate a conversation about Copyright and Creative Commons law.

Featured Artists: Stephanie Hough - Russell Chartier - Peter Maloney - Amanda Waseilewski - Richard Forrest - Kari Stewart

Selection Panel: Jo Hopkins (Co-Ordinator) - Caroline Campbell - Ciarda Tobin

Unless where otherwise noted, this exhibition and its works are attributed with a Creative Commons by Share Alike license.

Your Video Here Exhibition is supported by:

Limerick City Arts Office