Occupy Space
Graduate Residency Award 2011
9th Aug - 3rd Sep

Rachel Healy & Ronan McGeough

Exhibition of Work 7pm, Thursday 1st September

The Occupy Space Graduate Residency Award is a one month residency offered to two recent graduates of LSAD. The emphasis is on the working process, where the artists can explore their practice in the significant space and location of Occupy Space. Occupy Space works with the artists to facilitate their projects and negotiate appropriate events for engaging with the audience.

Rachel Healy
The simultaneous unmaking of one work and the creation of another
 Robert Rauschenberg.
My work serves as a commentary on image making and is rooted in the idea of storytelling and of the work of art as a metaphor for the artist’s voice and willingness to mediate meanings through their work. Animation pieces coexist alongside the drawings used to create them and become an unique history of the movement of their coming-into-being and immediate erasure, the removal of one subject allowing for the appearance of another.

Ronan McGeough

I observe the knotty system of the urban environment that in some cases can engulf the human condition. Expressing the decline of the city landscape in the midst of urbanisation, I use a collagist method of composition to record our cultures spiritual wounds. Using collage offers a retreat from logic, reason, transforming the familiar into the strange and imaginary. It enables me to disrupt the literal methods by which our world is mapped, and design new imagined landscapes. The notion of a territorial border breaks down and is reconceived, the previously unthought becomes possible. I combine my photographs of my surroundings with newspapers and magazines as my main source material. Combing all of these elements together to create a new environment of experimentation, wonder and unease. I play with numbers, arrows, symbols to convince the viewer to observe and better discover the reality of the city scapes around us, the contrasts and diversity and contradictions in modern society. I aim to illustrate what happens when the urban landscape is abandoned for the suburbs and the remnants of a vibrant neighbourhood are gone.

Rachel Healy - 'She is Us' (animation)

Rachel Healy - 'Process Room'

Ronan McGeough - 'The Cow'

Ronan McGeough - Residency Studio in O.S.