Adrian Duncan

10th – 25th June, 2011.
Preview Thursday 9 June, 7 - 9pm.
Screening of Part II on Saturday 18 June, 3pm.

This is the first part of a three-part narrative project based on a large, fictional T-shaped building.
The building has three wings and is located in the countryside, alongside a disused canal. This work refers, specifically, to the North Wing of this T-shaped building, this wing is called: Epiphenomena.
Epiphenomena's purpose it is to house and service a Cloud Room. The Client has employed an Engineer to design the building and the clouds within. However, the Engineer's tools of counting, measurement and empiricism are crude; they are not wholly applicable to this enterprise and ultimately show themselves to be ineffectual.
The work, which will be shown in Occupy Space from the 9th to the 23rd of June, relays the Engineer’s efforts and is comprised of video, sculpture, photography, and drawing.
On Saturday the 18th at 3.00pm there will be a screening of a short video piece relating to Part II of this three-part project. Also, ten posters relaying the whole narrative will be available, free of charge.
Adrian Duncan studied and worked as a structural engineer in the UK and Ireland for over a decade before returning to study fine art and contemporary art theory at IADT and NCAD. He has exhibited at Trans Colonia, Queen Street Studios, Pallas Contemporary Projects, The Joinery, Catalyst and The Lewis Glucksman, UCC. He is a guest lecturer at UCD School of Architecture and is assistant editor of Paper Visual Art Journal to which he also contributes.