Distance 344

1st - 16th July 2011

Gemma Dardis - Pamela Dunne
Patrick Keaveney - Kevin O’ Keeffe
Gillian Kenny - Des MacMahon  
Derek O’ Sullivan - Fiona Quill

Occupy Space is proud to present Distance 344, the second exhibition of works by 8 Limerick based artists.

In May 2011 Platform Gallery (Belfast) hosted the exhibition Distance 172 (miles) which explored the strong artistic ties between the cities of Limerick and Belfast. These artists were selected as a cross-section representation of current contemporary art practice in Limerick City. Occupy Space welcomes these multidisciplinary works back to Limerick for examination by the home audience.

The examination of “normal” life is central to a lot of the work in this exhibition. What people often refer to as the mundane is actually the most important part of our lives. It is the conversation, the laughs, the drinking, the making and the connecting that make everything work. The big events are far and few between and in the end are only a product of the mundane. This exhibition contains a diverse and varied range of work, themes and media, which will interrogate the distance, and the similarities, between place and people. 

Derek O' Sullivan

Des MacMahon

Kevin O' Keeffe

Kevin O' Keeffe

Gillian Kenny

Gemma Dardis

Patrick Keaveney

Fiona Quill

Pamela Dunne