The State of the Union

Preview: Wed 16th March at 7pm
18th March - 1st April 2011

Simon Bayliss, Becky Coffey, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Mary Galvin, Emily Kaelin, Laura O'Connor, Nuala O’Sullivan, Beka Peralta, Jenna Whelan, Francis Wasser.

The State of the Union brings together work by MFA Students from Burren College of Art, Crawford College of Art, Limerick School of Art, National College of Art and University of Ulster.

This work has been selected by Basement Project Space Cork, Exchange Dublin, Platform Arts Belfast and Occupy Space Limerick. This exhibition is collaborative curatorial project between four artist-led spaces.

The State of the Union aims to present a moment in Irish visual art culture in which artist-led spaces are helping to shape the dialogue of current practice. The ten emergent artists selected present a diverse range of works representative of their specific research practices.

The exhibition title The State of the Union refers both to a state of evaluation and the awareness of critical context within a national forum. The premise of the exhibition is to address not only the discourse created by artist-led spaces but to simultaneously recognise the importance of research in developing critically aware visual art communities.

Young practitioners are pivotal in shaping the condition of current and future visual culture nationally and internationally. This project exhibit-ion seeks to acknowledge the potential inherent in this collaborative energy.

Burren College of Art: Simon Bayliss, Emily Kaelin, Beka Peralta: Occupy Space
Crawford College of Art: Mary Galvin, Jenna Whelan: Basement Project Space Cork
Limerick School of Art: Nuala O’Sullivan: Occupy Space
National College of Art: Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Francis Wasser: Exchange Dublin
University of Ulster: Becky Coffey, Laura O'Connor: Platform Arts Belfast

Occupy Space exhibition programme is supported by Arts Council of Ireland