Emmet Kierans / Erica Eyres

Occupy Space are proud to present two concurrent solo exhibitions by Emmet Kierans and Erica Eyres.
Preview Thursday 13th January 7 – 9 pm
Show runs until 29th January
Gallery open 1 - 5 pm Wednesday to Saturday
Emmet Kierans - Make. Believe.
Using a fictional suburban setting Kierans’ paintings seek to explore the peculiar and sometimes absurd conventions and ideologies inherent in our everyday lives. Middle class housing estates with perfect lawns and blue skies, retail outlets and places of worship form the backdrop of his Technicolor world. By reducing the images to simple colours and shapes an emphasis is put on the ‘virtual’ reality of the space, glossing over undesirable aspects. This fabricated environment is in conflict with the emotionally turbulent individuals that inhabit it. These individuals, in their attempt to accept the contrived as natural, have become detached from their surroundings. They exist in a state of constant flux, accepting and rejecting the reality they are presented with.
Erica Eyres - Compulsory Touching
Through videos and bodies of drawings, Eyres uses humour and narrative to examine the psychology behind disturbing human behaviours. Employing satire, she seeks to extract an awkward laughter from the viewer and to explore the tensions between what is funny and what is stark and confrontational.
In her videos, she creates characters that interact with one and another and reveal the absurdity of their lives (despite their frequently banal situations). Often television formats such as documentary, reality television, family sitcoms, or commercials are mimicked. Although creating surreal story lines, each persona is built with a sense of the uncanny so that the viewer will recognize aspects of themselves or others, thereby adding to their discomfort.