New work by Sheenagh Geoghegan
Preview Thursday 2nd December 7-9pm
Show runs until 18th December
Occupy Space Thomas St. Limerick

Geoghegans work layers materials and ideas, creating a kind of literal and physical history, resulting in a depth of texture and emotionality. Through the layering of linear edifices grid-like structures are created that eventually become recessed through the continuous layering of formal information. The final layers are applied like veils over the unifying grid. The initial edifice becomes archaeological. With each new layer the painting operates on a different, more complex plane. This process is reiterated through a series of works, bringing her consideration to metaphor in relation to the formal language that is used. Words such as concealment, obscurity, connection, transmission, endurance, extension and exhaustion become visual. Throughout this process the embodiment or manifestation of residual history transcends all the works.

The paper works in this show meditate on the daily rituals that occupy our daily lives. Unlike the paintings, which are built up using oils, the paper works utilize possibilities within drawing and encompass a wide range of materials and processes from colouring pencils to collage and assemblage. These works operate as signifiers and offer loose directions to the empirical path of the paintings. All the titles for the works come from reverberations, be they personal conversations or cultural discourse, and so combine current social jargon with anachronisms. The title of the show, Dweller, comes from a consideration of the dual meaning of the term. "Dweller" can mean occupying a space but can also conjure notions of lingering on a particular circumstance or occurrence.

Sheenagh Geoghegan was born in 1981, she graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork with a first class honours degree in painting. At her degree show she was awarded the Student of the Year Award and The HETAC Award. Since graduating she has taken part in numerous group exhibitions and this will be her sixth solo exhibition. In 2008,`her work was featured in the bookRepresenting Art in Ireland. In 2009, she received the Visual Artist Award from South Tipperary County Council. She is currently taking part in a group exhibition in Italy at the prestigious art gallery “Sala Pinacoteca” in Assisi.