Ramon Kassam Paint-Things

Three Solo Exhibitions
22nd October - 6th November 2010
Preview: Thursday 21st October, 7-9pm

Ramon Kassam - Paint-Things

Ramon Kassam presents a body of carried out over the last two years.
Ramon's practice sites itself within the idea that any element that is part of the make up of a painting practice can call to mind certain degrees of suggestibility. This in turn creates multiple mythological parallel universes for painting to situate itself within. By utilizing and exploiting these notions, Ramon’s objective is to establish a means of expression that is appropriate for grand themes, could express the experience of contemporary society and comprehend some of the different kinds of complex realities that exist within it, through something as absurd as a painting practice.
In concept, the practice focuses on art history, painting critique, notions of the painter, but importantly it investigates how we make sense of paintings in relation to how we understand them to be categorized, in accordance to what we already know or take for granted about them or similar looking devices.
He goes about this business by mostly making paintings much akin to answering a question with another question, further highlighting the absurdity of the practice and institute of painting and art making.

Ramon Kassam - Paint-Things Series no.1

Ramon Kassam - Paint-Things Series no.2

Ramon Kassam - Paint-Things Series no.3

Ramon Kassam - Paint-Things Series no.4

Ramon Kassam - Paint-Things Series no.5

Ramon Kassam - Paint-Things Series no.6

Mark O Kelly - Cinema Impero
Mark O'Kelly's work explicitly references mediated experiences and signifiers as opposed to the actual signified cultural or political context of his sources. His work engaged in analysis of the experience of seeing, re-seeing, adopting and engaging with representations of culture O'Kelly studied at NCAD and received his MA from Slade, London. He is a Lecturer in Fine Art at LSAD.

Mark O Kelly - Cinema Impero

Laura McMorrow - Boundries

Laura McMorrow exhibits a body of small-scale paintings in Occupy Process Space. These works often find their starting points in acquired images, which the artist then filters in order to remove selected content. The resulting works are quietly subversive, delicately painted contexts, suggesting fragmented narratives.

Laura McMorrow - Shed Roof