Yo llo mmot

New work by Jim Ricks

10th 25th September 2010

Preview: 7-9 pm, Thursday 9th September

Yo llo mmot

Occupy Space is proud to present Yo llo mmot an exhibition of new work by Jim Ricks. The exhibition will be opened by Mike Fitzpatrick, Head of Limerick School of Art and Design, on Thursday 9th September.

Yo llo mmot exhibits a dozen works which are re-created from Tom Molloy’s 2005 solo show Yo lo vi. This exhibition was originally shown at Limerick City Gallery of Art, just down the road from Occupy Space. The new works are approximations of Molloy’s pieces made on a reduced budget with limited materials and time. As Ricks did not see the original show these works are based on the exhibition catalogue photographs. Through this process of re-interpretation based on limitations, not unlike a cover-band or karaoke, the imitations change, distort and take on a new layer of meaning. At times updating and at times imitating the original methodology, Ricks consciously 'riffs' off of Molloy's originals.

The project focuses on art history, institutional critique, boundaries and ownership, but importantly it investigates the origins of creativity. This is achieved through a rejection of the ‘original’ and the ‘individual’, i.e. nothing is new in any practical sense, but is instead divergent and additive; a combination of existing ideas. Yo llo mmot is also a new take on the tradition in fine arts training through imitation of ‘old masters’ work.

Jim Ricks was born in California, and receivedhis MFA from the National University of Ireland, Galway and Burren College of Art programme and his BFA from the California College of the Arts.

Ricks has exhibited nationally and internationally and recently received the Artlink ‘New Art Award’ which featured the solo show 14th January 2009 (We will say it has nothing to do with us) in July 2010 (Fort Dunree, Co. Donegal) and was selected for Video Killed the Radio Star at the Royal Hibernian Academy, January – February 2010 (Dublin). He has upcoming solo shows at Pallas Contemporary Projects (Dublin) and Mochuda Projects programme at Lismore Castle Arts (Lismore, Co. Cork). In 2009 he exhibited in The World Shrinks for Those Who Own It, with Oliver Heinzenberger, Galway Arts Centre and The Life and Times of Lillian Virginia Mountweazel, Monster Truck Gallery and Studios (Dublin) and participated in Frieze Projects’COPYSTAND: Autonomous Manufacturing Zone (London). Ricks is currently working on a touring public work, Poulnabrone Bouncy Dolmen, as well as collaborating on In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth) with Cause Collective (US), Summer 2011.

Occupy Space is an artist-led initiative, supported by Creative Limerick, which incorporates a dynamic gallery with a new experimental project space.

For further information email: occupy.space@gmail.com