Occupy Space Graduate Residency Award 2010

Occupy Space are proud to present an exhibition of work by Eoin Francis McCormack and Brian O’Shea. The show is the culmination of a three-week residency in which the gallery became a place of experimentation, creation and exhibition.

The artists entertain themselves with the notion of being “workmen”. Crack of dawn, lunchbox in hand. The work is construction based but a lack of training defines the aesthetic. It is about the ar...t of doing, being busy, looking busy and taking as many tea breaks as possible in one day. Machines, submarines, ghosts, plenty of paint and two workmen. Two workmen who have pig headed devotion by day and whiskey dicks by night.

Eoin Francis McCormack and Brian O’Shea graduated from The Limerick School of Art and Design in June of this year. They are the recipients of the first residency at Occupy Space. They will be in conversation regarding the residency and exhibition on Saturday 4th September at 1.30pm. The show is open daily from 1-6 pm. Exhibition ends Sept 5th.