Mary Noonan and Damien O’Connell 

Preview Thursday 1 July 7pm – 9pm. Open 2 – 17 July. Wed – Sat 1pm – 6pm.
Occupy Space Limerick presents ‘Island’, an exhibition of work by Mary Noonan and Damien O’Connell. Both artists explore the concept of the island as a closed space. Much like a waiting room or prison cell, the island is concieved as a dual space of infinite limitation and potential. The island is a place we long to escape or seek refuge.
Mary Noonan works across a broad range of media investigating Irish folklore and superstition. The work presented in ‘Island’ alludes to imagined places, resting on references to land, stereotype and place. Her approach is informed her upbringing on a farm in the West of Ireland. Noonan observes how our perceived isolation as islanders has given licence to a keen ability for invention.
Damien O’Connell presents the viewer with a tableau of curious situations: a series of miniature constructs with intertwining elements of absurd narrative. O’Connell’s island is inhabited by philosophical loners and exiles. Ludic disruptions become an accepted totality within the work but provide a bewildering conundrum to the viewer.